STALLED: A Queer Comedy Series

Watch “Stalled” on YouTube on May 24th.

When a struggling gay nightclub reopens for the summer, 19-year-old Jordan scams their way into a job as a women’s restroom attendant. The series “Stalled” will be available on Youtube Channel starting May 24.

Jordan’s inability to talk to people offline makes them a terrible candidate for a job in customer service, but their earnest desire to connect carries them through each drunken interaction.

Unfortunately, the only person giving tips is their aggressively enthusiastic boss, Anthony. Anthony’s determination to resurrect the historical gay bar would be admirable if it weren’t so annoying. Jordan wards off his team spirit with the help of Eddie, a professional bartender and amateur degree collector. Soon, Eddie’s spending all of her breaks in the bathroom. Her intense desire to change the world is so dreamy, Jordan almost believes the conspiracy theories coming out of her mouth.

Customers are rare, and nice customers are even rarer. So when Jordan finally connects with May, it’s a welcome break from being shouted at over soap. May’s a recent college grad pretending not to be overwhelmed with her job at a tech start-up. Between the bathroom stalls, she and Jordan follow in the tradition of drunk girls everywhere and become BFFS forever (and ever and ever). At the very least, they’ll always be there for each other between the hours of midnight and four a.m.

Written by Lia Hagen and directed by Marley Jean Fernandes, Stalled is a comedy about having no idea what’s coming next. It was filmed at Three Dollar Bill in Brooklyn, New York during July and August of 2019.

Nicole Akoukou Thompson: feverish #fiction writer, budget jetsetter & devout #feminist. Fond of eggplant: both, the veggie and the color.

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Nicole A. Thompson

Nicole A. Thompson

Nicole Akoukou Thompson: feverish #fiction writer, budget jetsetter & devout #feminist. Fond of eggplant: both, the veggie and the color.

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