COVID Has Taken Husband & Wife, Survived by Son, organized by Nicole Akoukou Thompson

Hello, my name is Nicole Akoukou Thompson. I created this GoFundMe campaign on behalf of my nephew, Jami Jones…and his parents, Natalie Gwin (2/27/1968–8/29/2021) and her beloved husband Carthral Jones (7/27/1974–9/14/2021).

Within the last two weeks, Jami, my beautiful 21-year-old nephew, lost both his father and stepmother to COVID-19. It’s a devastating time for him (like it is for so many), and all those who cared about his parents, Carthral Jones and Natalie Gwin. Carthral and Natalie were so many things to so many different people, but to my nephew, they were generous and unfaltering parents.

If you ask Jami, he’s a man now, and likely feels he can manage all of the things on his own. After all, he’s 21-years-old. However, if you ask me, he’s still a little babe. My soul looks back, and I hear him asking endless questions about trains from his bulky car seat, and I still see him running along the sandy shores of 63rd street beach, wearing nothing but a loosening diaper. I remember the day Jami was born to Carthral and my sister, Antonette; and I still remember the glee in his voice when he told me how excited he was to be with his father and stepmom as they moved to Belize, Georgia, or Arizona.

Overcoming COVID-19 himself just days ago, Jami, who’s a college student, is presently in Arizona without family as he makes decisions on behalf of his dad and stepmom. His family doesn’t want him to worry about money as he grapples with the weight of this grief. We’re asking that you donate as much as you can to this GoFundMe to help cover living expenses, end-of-life costs for his parents, relocation fees as he moves back to Chicago to live with his mom, potential financial challenges, or whatever.

If you can’t donate at this time, please consider simply sharing this campaign with others.

Thank you for your generosity.

Contact us with your questions and we’ll answer, day or night. Learn more



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Nicole A. Thompson

Nicole Akoukou Thompson: feverish #fiction writer, budget jetsetter & devout #feminist. Fond of eggplant: both, the veggie and the color.